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Located in North Richland since 1946, Malley's Compounding Pharmacy has always been a local, family-owned, pharmacy.  This first pharmacy on the corner of George Washington Way and McMurray St was Johnson's Drug started by Bob Johnson.  His son, Ron Johnson carried on the family tradition and owned Richland Clinic Pharmacy.  In 2006, James and Anne Henriksen purchased Richland Clinic Pharmacy from Ron Johnson.  In 2010, James and Anne Henriksen purchased Malley's from Teresa Knirck after she shared many happy years of ownership with he late husband Bill Knirck.  We are honored to be able to continue a tradition of community pharmacy in Richland and thank those who came before us.

We are proud and happy to serve generations of customers from all parts of the Tri-Cities.  We get excited when a customer shares a memory of coming in to Malley's as a small child.  


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